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Getting connected

Moving house in the 21st century has an added complexity, getting your internet connectivity sorted. Waiting to get connected up can seem like living in the dark ages again, particularly when you need to connect in to your work systems! It’s a bit less of a problem more recently with mobile broadband connections, but do prefer the speed of a fixed connection.

In terms of service offering there doesn’t seem to be much option, just ADSL2+ over copper wires to the phone exchange. There is no Virgin Media Cable on the site and although the Winchester Phone Exchange has been Fibre enables (BT Infinity + such like) the local cabinet does is not linked to a fibre cabinet.

So probably only going to be a 7-10 Mbps download speed with fairly limited upload speeds, have rather got used to the Virgin Media fibre options and using it to moves files in and out of the cloud. Will have to see how we go.

Hopefully, the cabinet will be fibre enabled once more house are connected and demand builds up. Hampshire are aiming for 90% superfast coverage by the end of 2015 and signed a £13.8m contract with BT to deliver this. Going to try signing up on  http://www3.hants.gov.uk/broadband.htm to see if that helps, although it’s not accepting the new postcode at the moment!

So the next step has been to select a provider to go with for now, the phone line itself will be connected by BT Openreach so they all suffer the same 3 week (sigh) lead time to actually connect up and enable the line.

The different providers all offer different deals, upfront costs, discounts, contract lengths so after a bit of number crunching my results are below. Decided to try and work it out on an effective monthly cost, the upfront costs and actual montly payments vary a fair bit, so tried to average it out, based on the theory that if I’ve just spent£ x00,000 on a house, I can probably stump up the extra upfront costs on the phone line to save money in the longer run.

Provider BT PlusNet EE
Connection Charge




Line Rental (paying 12 Months in advance)




Effective monthly Cost – phone line(inc connection /12mths)




Unlimited ADSL Broadband (/month)




Contract Term 18 Months 12 Months 12 Months
Discounts 12m Half Price broadband (£96)£50 Sainsburys Gift Card 12m x £5 off (£60) *
Quidco Cashback




Total Discount + Offers




Effective Monthly discount /contract




Effective monthly cost (for comparison)




*EE  offer a £5 monthly discount for their mobile customers (EE, T-Mobile, Orange) so makes it more competitive if you qualify.

Was surprised that BT came out so strongly, but it’s largely due to the discounts and cashback offers (which do take a bit of time to validate and actually come through). So decided to go with them as they also now have the HomeHub 4 which is a simultaneous dual band router which should prove a better router than the other standard offerings.