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Home Insurance – Computer says No

One of the standard mortgage requirements was to arrange buildings insurance. This is not as easy when dealing with a new development and roads where the postcodes are not yet live.

My mortgage provider, kindly, passed on my details to one insurance provider Legal & General who called up and were able to provide a quote based on a neighbouring postcode. their pricing was rather steep and definitely wanted some comparisons before diving in.

I had managed to get Royal Mail to activate the post code and add it to the Postcode Address File which gets updated daily. However not all companies use the daily updates and a lot of insurance companies (based on my financial services experience) use Experian as their data provider who update on a monthly basis.

After a bit of trial and error did manage to find that the AA Home Insurance site allows you to manually enter the address if the postcode doesn’t lookup correctly. Also comparethemarket also allows manual entry, although you get a limited number of quotes back (but enough for some basic comparison), mostly seemed to be underwritten by Axa.

Although some others came out cheaper, I went with the AA in the end as it offered electronic documentation that i could send off straight to my solicitors rather than risk having to wait for paper documents to send off ahead of completing. It also qualified for £38 cashback on Quidco so not a lot in it pricewise in the end.