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Broadband Update

So Abbotts Walk didn’t get covered in Hampshire’s ‘Wave 1’ government aided Superheats Broadband rollout.

The ‘Wave 2’ rollout for 2016 onwards has been announced recently on the Superfast Hants website. If you enter the postcode on their website now, you’ll see that we’re also not covered under “Wave 2”.
It’s not all bad news possibly, as some addresses across the Worthy road, notably Courtenay Road which don’t get VM coverage are due to be covered by Wave 2. They are connected to the same BT cabinet as Abbotts Walk, which means it’s highly likely they are planning on adding an FTTC cabinet, unless they opt for some newer technology (FTTDP) but that’s not available yet so unlikely what is being planned. So maybe, just maybe….

The other option is we get together a large enough group of residents to approach BT to upgrade the cabinet, covering any shortfall between the commercially viable cost and the actual income they generate off connections. Which may end up being nothing if enough people took it up.