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Broadband Update

So Abbotts Walk didn’t get covered in Hampshire’s ‘Wave 1’ government aided Superheats Broadband rollout.

The ‘Wave 2’ rollout for 2016 onwards has been announced recently on the Superfast Hants website. If you enter the postcode on their website now, you’ll see that we’re also not covered under “Wave 2”.
It’s not all bad news possibly, as some addresses across the Worthy road, notably Courtenay Road which don’t get VM coverage are due to be covered by Wave 2. They are connected to the same BT cabinet as Abbotts Walk, which means it’s highly likely they are planning on adding an FTTC cabinet, unless they opt for some newer technology (FTTDP) but that’s not available yet so unlikely what is being planned. So maybe, just maybe….

The other option is we get together a large enough group of residents to approach BT to upgrade the cabinet, covering any shortfall between the commercially viable cost and the actual income they generate off connections. Which may end up being nothing if enough people took it up.

Another Broadband update!

Hampshire County Council are conducting another consultation on where there spending programme for superfast broadband upgrades.


This apparently follows on from a review of postcode provision in April. Unfortunately, this still does not include any of the Abbotts Walk postcodes despite having sent them to them and that they exist on the council systems (for school catchment, etc)

The previous post detailing this is here. I’d encourage responses to the consultation to help make the case for getting this little bit of Winchester up to speed.

Superfast Broadband

Another broadband update. Hampshire County Council are running a consultation on how to spend their next tranche of funds for “Next Generation Access” internet upgrades.


I have responded that some of their data appears to be incorrect, as Abbotts Walk is marked as a Grey area on their map, that is it has/will have shortly commercial provision of Superfast Lines. So far I’ve not been able to get any information from BT Openreach that they will be upgrading the local cabinet. So actually believe it Abbotts Walk should be marked as a white area, that is without provision and potentially eligible for additional state funding.

Abbotts Walk may be mistakenly ‘Grey’ as Virgin Media has provision nearby, but doesn’t actually extend in to the development.

Superfast Broadband?

Still no definite news on superfast broadband, but BT have announced £50m to add fibre cabinets they’d skipped before.


Here’s hoping Winchester Cabinet 34 on Stoke Road (which serves Abbotts Walk) is included. Particularly as Hampshire County Council won’t use their Broadband Delivery UK funds to upgrade it.

4G or not 4G

I spend a fair bit of the working week in London, so have recently regarded my mobile contract to 4G on Vodafone. Not necessarily for increased speed, but more reduced network congestion and hopefully more coverage options (particularly in Waterloo station, where the mobile network falls over if there’s any serious rail delays and increase in users.)

As such, figured it would be useful to know when 4G is going to hit Winchester. Unfortunately, the near future doesn’t look that bright! There’s not much information publicly available/announced and the local stores don’t have any better info.

Ofcom have made it a license requirement that the networks reach 98% of the UK population by end 2017, which would almost certainly include Winchester. For the specific networks:

Vodafone :- [UPDATED] 4G enabled August 2014

O2 :- No specific information, targeting 98% coverage by 2015

EE :-  Planning to get to 98% coverage in 2014.

Three :- [Updated] Winchester is now on the list of cities Three are planning to launch 4G services in 2014. http://www.three.co.uk/Discover/When_will_I_get_4G