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4G or not 4G

I spend a fair bit of the working week in London, so have recently regarded my mobile contract to 4G on Vodafone. Not necessarily for increased speed, but more reduced network congestion and hopefully more coverage options (particularly in Waterloo station, where the mobile network falls over if there’s any serious rail delays and increase in users.)

As such, figured it would be useful to know when 4G is going to hit Winchester. Unfortunately, the near future doesn’t look that bright! There’s not much information publicly available/announced and the local stores don’t have any better info.

Ofcom have made it a license requirement that the networks reach 98% of the UK population by end 2017, which would almost certainly include Winchester. For the specific networks:

Vodafone :- [UPDATED] 4G enabled August 2014

O2 :- No specific information, targeting 98% coverage by 2015

EE :-  Planning to get to 98% coverage in 2014.

Three :- [Updated] Winchester is now on the list of cities Three are planning to launch 4G services in 2014. http://www.three.co.uk/Discover/When_will_I_get_4G