This site was started as a weblog of our new house purchase in Winchester. The house we’ve bought is on a new build development known as Abbotts Walk in the Abbotts Barton area of the city. The house is being built by developers Redrow and we moved in July 2013

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  1. Hi

    I live on the Winchester site and have recently emailed Redrow to complain about our parking bays looking ‘unfinished’ and ‘unsightly’. The last email was totally ignored. Do you have a name of someone ‘at the top’ who I could send an email and photos to?

    Many thanks.

    1. You could try John Allan john.allan@redrow.co.uk who is the MD of Redrow South Midlands division.
      Also Katie Nethersole is the compliance officer at Winchester City Coucil who is monitoring the site.
      I expect Redrow will say it will be better once the final Tarmac is down and ‘holding the pavers’ in place.
      Which bays in particular?
      I don’t quite get how people are supposed to know which spaces are allocated and which are visitors, particularly on Lea View and Cassandra Road, there are tiny V plates, but doubt drivers would notice. Think it’s going to lead to some upset.

    2. actually, I was assuming it was the paved bays, or are you referring to the ones with the plastic ‘ground reinforcement’ that is filled with soil.

      The plans http://planningapplications.winchester.gov.uk/Planning/1033848.01%20Rev%20T).pdf show those bays as being GrassCrete which is a proprietary system, where they cast concrete on site with holes for little pockets of grass.
      So the plastic cellular grids they’ve used aren’t what was approved.

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