Abbotts Walk

Abbotts Walk, Winchester SO23


Information repository for all things Abbotts Walk!


Original Planning / Build & Sales

Abbotts Walk was built between 2012 and 2014 by Redrow and one of the few significant housing developments in Winchester at the time following the financial crisis.

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Common Issues / Tips

Current / Local Issues

Managing Agent Details

Abbotts Walk Management Company

In 2023, all the free holders were notified that Redrow no longer wanted to be responsible for the management company, Abbotts Walk Management Company, and were invited to take it over and nominate directors. All freeholders are 'members' of the Management Company and have voting rights at AGM & EGMs etc.
The current directors are Tom Crouch and Steven Kan.

Social Housing

40% of the units built were for either Shared Ownership or Social Housing. The Social Housing units are managed and let by Vivid Homes

Social housing tenants should contact Vivid in the first instance. The Management company and Managing agent primarily act for the freeholders, of which the housing association itself it one.