Abbotts Walk Residents

Following the late notice council street meet yesterday, it was clear we need a means for fellow residents to discuss concerns and the idea of a mailing list mentioned.

I’ve had a look at the option of extending this website to do that function, but it looks trickier than i thought and an email list could easily stop working if there are lots of side discussions and people start unsubcribing as their mailbox gets filled with conversations they’re not interested in. So..

I have set something up on Facebook instead, a Facebook Page & a Facebook Group. I realise not everyone is on Facebook, and i’ll apologise for that, but it looks the easiest technical solution that will cover the majority. Sorry.

My view (and i’m willing to be talked around) is for the Page to have general notices, e.g. if the council send something. The group will be a closed group for residents to discuss their issues/thoughts/concerns etc.

The links are:



The group posts are unmoderated (and hopefully can be kept that way!). To join the group I am thinking it should be verified by postcode (so not necessarily your full address) to make sure it stays a focused residents group. If you think that seems too secretive/draconian, then happy to think about that.

Please note, this is not an attempt by me to lead a residents group. This is just to technically facilitate getting something off the ground My view is that it needs to be a much looser for a while, whilst relationships are built and a general understanding of where everyone is coming from. That said, I care passionately about the development and our home and intend to be active in ‘protecting’ it (if you hadn’t already gather from the blog.

On that, this blog has actually now mostly served its purpose, which was to keep Redrow honest during our purchase and warranty period (it’s amazing what a bit of social media pressure can achieve). So can look at turning in to a community website, so a bit more open for non-Facebook users, but that will take some time.