Praise, where praise is due

We’ve recently been handed off from being site’s responsibility to Redrow’s Customer Care. To be honest, i set my expectations low, thinking that a faceless department a couple of hundred miles away would not really be all that effective.

I have to admit to being pleasantly surprised. We’ve had a couple of issues that needed dealing with: some final snagging and a broken mechanism. Customer care did respond in reasonable time and more importantly, to me, communicated, kept me informed and set my expectations of what would happen when and chased up when needed.

Hopefully, we won’t need to contact them too much in the future, but it has been good from them so far.

Postcode Lottery

One of the issues with new developments is that no one is able to find your new address. Either delivery drivers, online shopping systems, financial services, etc.

We’ve tried to reduce the effect by
A) getting Royal Mail to activate the address on their PAF (postcode address file) as soon as we could, right after we exchanged. This file is updated daily and used by data providers who in turn supply the data to companies.
B) submitting map updates, error reports to various Map providers, Google, Navteq, Waze, etc. so hopefully get included on the next round of Sat Nav updates.
C) Finding the nearest existing postcode and supplying that in delivery notes for drivers to plug in to their Sat Navs.

so far the best performer has been Ocado, who managed to manually add us to their database and their drivers generally manage to find us without issue and they can add their own notes to the address for other drivers.

the worst performer has been: the Government! Even 3 months on I can’t use the DirectGov portal to update my driving license or HMRC details. They have no real support route for anyone knowledgeable to look at the issue and their pages say they update their PAF data within 2 weeks. #EGovernmentFail!

To be fair, local government seems better, with the district council having more of an idea.
Not too sure about the county council as I can’t get register to their Broadband campaign with the address, but that may use a different data set entirely. We’ll see how good their data is when it comes to school applications and they need to work out catchment and distance to the front door.

Personally, i think part of the problem is probably with one dataset provider as i know a previous employer uses them and they can’t provide insurance quotes based on my address. Not sure whether it’s their dataset or the frequency of updates the client has signed up to.

The other really annoying thing is when delivery drivers blame us for not finding the address!

It’s Chilly in Here!

Today”s discovery: The central heating has been wired up wrong

With summer looking almost over and the weather cooling down, the house was a bit chilly first thing. Initially couldn’t work out why none of the downstairs radiators were on.

After a bit of logic and head scratching have worked out the downstairs radiator zone is being controlled by the upstairs thermostat and the upstairs radiators by the downstairs thermostat. The timings meant the upstairs was being warmed up first and so thinking the first floor was warm enough didn’t switch on the other zone.

It should be a relatively simple fix of switching the cables from the two valves across. But will leave it to Redrow so there’s no comeback.

[Update Fixed]
The wires have been switched round. Reported on a Monday, fixed late on Wednesday but only after taking to Twitter #thepowerofsocialmedia