Holey Moley!



Today’s excitement! The Mrs. was wiping a bit of the floor and leant on the wall and was shocked that her hand went through it and upset that she’d just damaged our new house. Having looked at what happened the emotion turned more to anger  after discovering she had not pressed on a piece of plasterboard but a lump of plaster used to try and patch some damage that must have occured during the build. There was even a screw in the back of the hole, supposedly to try and bridge/support the ‘lump’.

The assistant site manage was dutifully called along, looked at the lump and tried to position it roughly back in place and said the plasterer would come along to patch it up.

As I was at work, did a bit of research and was fairly convinced that a lump of plaster in the hole was not going to suffice and it should really have a piece of plasterboard with a batten across the back. The wife was equally adamant with the plasterer that shoving the lump back in was not good enough.  Reluctantly he went off to get his tools and came back with the assistant site manager and site manager who again tried the we’ll just put this lump back in, “it’ll be fine”. Unfortunately or fortunately ASM dropped said lump down said hole and it was gone 🙂 !

Hole was fixed correctly and it didn’t even take that long in the end really. Crazy! Just hope there are no more patches waiting to find us!


The Hole:



The Lump:


Snag: Front door

Redrow have been quickly on to the first significant snag: the front door that didn’t open fully. When the door opened to around 90 degrees it would strike the skirting board of the door alcove and spring back.

Initially thought the fix would be simple, maybe packing out/adjusting the hinges or skirting board. but the actual fix has been a bit more extreme, but i’m pleased it is probably the correct long term fix which was: to reline the wall giving the correct gap to the door! Achieved by tearing down the plasterboard and replacing with slightly less copious dabs of mortar.


Offending wall removed


Close up showing new drylining in place, original sealant line shows distance moved.

The real frustrating bit is that the original work was passed and the number of visits and disruption caused by the snagging works now we’re in. Requiring multiple visits to fix 1 item:
Drylining x1 to tear down and replace
Plasterer x1 to skim over
Carpenter x 1 to replace skirting board and threshold
Decorator x 3 to paint and varnish
Mastic man x 2 to seal edges around

Snag Snag Snag

The Snagging report from BrickKickers is in!

Feel it was well worth doing for

a) Martyn gave us the reassurance the general build was good and there was nothing fundamentally wrong
b) there were a number of things we wouldn’t have known/found

Mostly it appears to be small quality/finishing items, right down to missing screw covers on electrical sockets.

In total the report consisted of 143 line items!

In fairness, a number of these are repeats of the same item/issue across different rooms (e.g. mastic seals) and some are on the edge/within tolerances.

The main ones which came up and of concern were:

  • Seal/Finish around the edge of the Karndean floor in all the downstairs rooms
  • Warped gates on the car port
  • Front door catches on skirting board (bounces back when opened to 90 degrees)
  • Uneven floor in the family bathroom
  • Dishwasher door catches and scraping the side of the cabinet door.

Future posts will detail how we get along with these. Redrow’s aim is to get signed off in 4 weeks time…