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Another broadband update. Hampshire County Council are running a consultation on how to spend their next tranche of funds for “Next Generation Access” internet upgrades.

I have responded that some of their data appears to be incorrect, as Abbotts Walk is marked as a Grey area on their map, that is it has/will have shortly commercial provision of Superfast Lines. So far I’ve not been able to get any information from BT Openreach that they will be upgrading the local cabinet. So actually believe it Abbotts Walk should be marked as a white area, that is without provision and potentially eligible for additional state funding.

Abbotts Walk may be mistakenly ‘Grey’ as Virgin Media has provision nearby, but doesn’t actually extend in to the development.

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  1. Hello, we are due to move into Abbotts Walk in August. Please can anyone advise on the current situation with Broadband – is there a service provider or service anyone can recommend that people are already using E.g Does BT Infinity work here?
    Thanks for any advice, as i work at home a lot, and will have major problems if cant connect within days of moving in

    1. Only ADSL available at the moment, so no cable or fibre, we get about 12Mbps, so it could be worse! We had no problems with the install, about a week wait, but applied a week before completion. Others have had much longer waits as Openreach say their cabling didn’t exist. I think some folks have found Sky quite speedy for installs as they have more sway with Openreach due to their size. Quite a few on BT too so you may be able to use BTWifi hotspot while you wait.

    2. Have also been trying to get Hampshire County Council to spend some of their broadband fund to upgrade the local cabinet to fibre, but they seem unable to update their spreadsheet of postcodes. (So they think we have super fast broadband coverage from Virgin already, when we don’t). Worth checking out their website.

  2. I have just had this response back from HCC:

    Thank you for your email.

    I am afraid that as Abbotts Walk is a part of a new build estate, it doesn’t fall under our programme.
    Providing broadband infrastructure to new build homes is the responsibility of the developer.

    There are a few options that might help to bring superfast broadband to your home. I would recommend that you and other local residents:

    1) Approach the building companies responsible for the new build estate. The developer of your estate will then need to engage with Openreach or Virgin Media regarding installing equipment on your site to enable superfast broadband. Please find more information and contact details regarding new build sites and how to get them connected:

    2) Contact all the local residents who are in the same situation as you and encourage them to register their interest with BT to prove that demand is high and hopefully bring forward the installation of superfast infrastructure.

    I’m sorry that we couldn’t be more helpful.

    Kind Regards,

    Emanuela Kufel
    Marketing Executive
    Hampshire Superfast Broadband Programme

    1. Had the same reply, but hadn’t had much time to think about it. Initially though:

      I’m not sure there is anything in the BroadbandDeliveryUK funding that says it is not to be used for new builds. It seems to be a unilateral decision on HCC’s part.
      Arguments for this are, they need a stake in the ground where they can plan from rather than a moving target, but given their end date is 2017, will the % success rates be measured against the population in 2012 or include the additional 40,000 or so people the population is expected to increase by in that time.

      The Openreach infrastructure for the development would have been planned before FTTP/FTTC were available as options. New developments being planned now could easily factor in these options, but we seem to be in an awkward gap between the BDUK funding and New developments that could have specified fibre connections. Would have been good if Redrow had engaged Virgin Media as well, but can’t see them doing it now as there’s nothing in it for them!

      They also didn’t really answer my question of why they omitted the new postcodes, even if they’re determined not to cover them.

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