Over the past week  have noticed parking bays being block paved and manholes covers being raised up for the final road surface through most of the site. Good news, as that will mean most of the heavy contsruction machinery and deliveries will be done with.

Yesterday, noticed that the manhole cover directly in front of our parking space has been marked out to be dug out and raised up and the parking bays opposite being dug up (aside from the spot where a car is currently parked!)

In typical Redrow style, there’s been no communication or notification of their intentions, so contacted customer services to find out when and how long we might lose access for.

The response is that the roadworks won’t be taking place until 9th June and won’t cause any disruption. So, I’m assuming they’re talking about when the actual tarmac will be arriving and being laid. But can’t say i’m convinced you can tarmac a whole road outside people’s houses and parking spaces without causing ANY disruption.

Don’t get me wrong, I want the work to happen and will facilitate it, but it doesn’t take much to communicate so that we can be prepared and make necessary parking/other arrangements.

UPDATE – 24 April 2014

Not sure what did it, but Site have posted a note round this morning giving details and the message is there will be inevitable but minimal disruption. Which is about what we expected I guess.